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Can highly recommend a Mindstrain course with Lisette, if you are boxing with stress, thoughts and / or anxiety. I am so grateful that through my work I had the opportunity to get a course at Mindstrain, and that I thereby got Lisette as a coach.

It came at just the right time, where I was unfortunately completely down both physically and mentally. I felt almost paralyzed by worries and was on sick leave due to stress and anxiety. With Lisette's expert guide to the tools, I started working on my thoughts in a whole new way and it moved me a lot, and even in quite a short time. After only 4 consultations, I felt so much better, that I had the courage to start up slowly at work again.

Thank you so much Lisette


I was so lucky through my work to get some lessons at Mind Strain.

When one is down on resources, it can be difficult to change his habits or just take new initiatives. But I was pretty quickly convinced, that this concept could matter. So simple and easy that it was easy to get started with and the effect was there quickly.

The good talk at each lesson did, that the concept became more and more vivid and quietly came under the skin. Thanks for the effort Lisette - it has now become easier to be me.


Angel card reading and remote healing.

Many thanks to you and the dear angels. Thank you for listening and helping! You will do so much good through your future work! It was a very special experience. You are very authentic and clear in what you get into. Is wildly good at communicating, and the healing was wonderful.

I felt a warmth and hum throughout my body. I had such a feeling of peace and as if I was receiving. I felt something soothe in my stomach where all my worries sit. Then I became light in the head and felt like I was coming down into my body. Subsequently, I was pretty light as if I was dizzy, but without being so and full of energy. Now I'm a little tired, but so full of courage and love as well as trust. Funny just thought I should drink something, when I felt such a sudden thirst. Of the
was without a doubt it was powerful. Can not remember, that I have tried something so powerful. So! HUG, thanks and slept well.


Lisette is very precise in her card reading and comes with clear messages from the maps and instructions. You are in safe hands with Lisette, when she conveys in her calm and empathetic way. I can definitely recommend a session with Lisette

Winter solstice 2018 I spent with a friend and others in the Lisette house. A cold, wet December evening in the garden with bonfire before we went indoors. Here we made a manifestation for 2019. In early 2020 I went then received my own letter to myself, and it was fun to see that part of my wishes had actually come true.

My friend had been somewhat better at being specific about his desires too 2019, so when she also received her letter, we were speechless over the fact that pretty much everything had gone as she had written, even though she actually could not remember it all, she had written it, when she read about her desires – but the universe has listened!

Lisette is really good at inspiring and telling, if your path comes past her, and then seize the opportunity for a session with her


I just want to make a small post. I would like to thank Lisette today for getting my body back on track and getting calm again.

That was the wildest thing! I was so lucky to get an angel card reading today, and it can honestly be recommended. Whatever you are struggling with. One thing is, which card is drawn, another thing is, what is being said.

It's crazy, when you sit down in front of a person, you do not know, or have never met before – then she just pulls the words out of your mouth. It was spot on! Can't say it enough times! If I could give you stars here, then you would have gotten 5/5 I just want to say THANK YOU again. You made me find peace today and find the light at the end of the tunnel