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When you as a client come to me and are affected by stress, or anxiety , then I work from the MINDstrain method, which is based on the latest research, and is further developed by evidence-based meta cognitive psychology.

It's a very methodical way of coaching. It is not the content of the thoughts, but the thought process we work with, the
that is, it is a very gentle and really efficient way of working on. So you do not have to sit and go through it all one more time!

Stress is caused by too many worries for a long time. With the MINDstrain method, you get concrete tools to deal with stress
and build a higher degree of resilience.

It is not the content of the thoughts, but the thought process, we work with, it is a very gentle and really effective way of working. So you do not have to sit and go through it all again!

MINDstrain has developed an APP that firstly ensures you a high quality, and that I work methodically, we document data,
so we can constantly measure the effect, conversation for conversation.

In a relatively short time, you will probably achieve an improvement with fewer stress symptoms, much more control over your own situation, and even better sleep.

Every year I have to be re-certified by MINDstrain, which means that I have to “"live"” coach a client, where the founders of MINDstrain have to judge my abilities.
It's to ensure that I'm competent, skilled enough, and confident enough to work with the method, that I can create an empathic alliance with you, where you are confident, and can develop your handling and processing of stress.

I was educated in August 2017, re-certified in November 2018 and again i November 2019.

I am also affiliated with Securitas Strain Line.


Roskilde or Havdrup, located 10 km. south of Roskilde.


Can highly recommend a Mindstrain course with Lisette, if you are boxing with stress, thoughts and / or anxiety. I am so grateful that through my work I had the opportunity to get a course at Mindstrain, and that I thereby got Lisette as a coach.

It came at just the right time, where I was unfortunately completely down both physically and mentally. I felt almost paralyzed by worries and was on sick leave due to stress and anxiety. With Lisette's expert guide to the tools, I started working on my thoughts in a whole new way and it moved me a lot, and even in quite a short time. After only 4 consultations, I felt so much better, that I had the courage to start up slowly at work again.

Thank you so much Lisette


I was so lucky through my work to get some lessons at Mind Strain.

When one is down on resources, it can be difficult to change his habits or just take new initiatives. But I was pretty quickly convinced, that this concept could matter. So simple and easy that it was easy to get started with and the effect was there quickly.

The good talk at each lesson did, that the concept became more and more vivid and quietly came under the skin. Thanks for the effort Lisette - it has now become easier to be me.