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How does a healing take place??

When you get a healing or energy treatment from me, fully clothed, with a blanket over you, I start by placing my hands on your head and, then I place my hands in different places on your body, depending on what I am guided to, during the healing.

During healing, you may feel warmth, cold, shaking or trembling in your body, or you may not feel anything at all, you may fall asleep, all reactions are completely normal, there is nothing right or wrong. Many people believe, that one will experience a whole lot by a good healing. But it's not about the visible effect, but rather about how to get it in the long run. No two healings are alike!

After finishing treatment, most people feel a lightness and calmness flowing out through the body, where they feel comfortable, are completely calm and relaxed, some feel that they are floating from here.

Healing can for example, help you, who can recognize one or more of the following,

Too many thoughts
Distress in the body
Exam anxiety
Back problems
Physical pain
With more.

Healing is for you, who wants to,

Feel an inner peace
Feel more relaxed
Create balance
Feel more joy
Find peace in your head, body and soul
Get more energy
Find happiness
Be more present
Find the joy of life
Handle anxiety
Sleep better
Have greater mental health

Or whatever may be on your list ❤️


If we are too far from each other physically, then you can receive remote healing from me. For remote healing, we agree on a time for the healing, it is important that you are in a place, where you can sit or lie down, and where you can be undisturbed, for the duration of the healing. It is also important to turn off electronic interference.

What you could do is, light a few candles, put on some quiet relaxing instrumental music, find a blanket and cuddle with, make it cozy and nice for yourself ❤️ if necessary use. some essential oils if you are into them (send a message if you want to hear more)

At the agreed time, I tune in to you and your energy system, remote healing is a powerful, caring and profound healing of your body, soul, emotions and your entire energy field. The healing takes place in close cooperation between me, the universe, mine and your helpers and your energy.

As with physical healing, you may also feel warmth, cold or a slight shiver or a buzz in the body. It may also be that you do not feel anything, there is not right or wrong. The energy still works in and with you anyway.

You achieve the greatest effect of the healing with 4-5 treatments within a 3 week period, this applies to both the physical touch and the remote healing.


I look forward to welcoming you on the massage table ❤️




What is healing?

I use Reiki healing, crystal healing, energy treatment, body scanning.

Reiki has its origins in Tibetan Buddhism and is universal life energy.

The word "healing" is English and means “healing” or to “heal”. Healing is based on the notion, that an energy, often called life energy, circulates in and around the body.

There is no exact definition of, what healing is. Basically, healing is based on the theory, that the body has its own energy system, where the body is flowed by a life energy, that circulates in certain paths or currents.

It is important, that this energy is allowed to move freely, as it contributes to physical and mental well-being. The theory is, that if imbalances occur in the energy system, it can manifest itself as a disease or in the form of blockages in various places in the body.

Healers work on the belief, that everything is energy, and that through healing it is possible to transfer energy to the person, being treated, or to activate the client's own healing process.

The healer will therefore try to restore the balance in the body's energy by adding extra energy, where there are blockages and imbalances, which according to the theory strengthens the body's ability to heal itself.

In the treatment, the healer will try to locate blockages and restore balance in the energy system by releasing the traumas, that may underlie the imbalance.

Typically, this is done by the healer channeling energy through his hands or via other tools such as. crystals into the person, being healed.

Many healers believe, that during a healing they act as a channel for an external energy. They often experience energy as light or heat, that passes through their body and on into the client or their aura.

Clients are affected during healing to varying degrees, depending on where they are, physically, and mentally, and that is completely normal ❤️